Rebranding Hydropump

Water Pressure & Water Pump Specialist

Project Scope

Identity System Design, Environmental Branding, Messaging & Positioning, Information Restructuring, Website Design & Development, Copywriting, Digital Presence Setup

Hydropump was suffering through an identity crisis. It was constantly receiving enquiries from low-quality leads where most of them were for services the company doesn’t offer. The masses perceived Hydropump as a plumber, and because of that, it subjected the brand to price wars.

Gearing up for growth, Hydropump realised they needed to distinguish themselves and start building a robust brand foundation for organic growth, online and offline. However, the executive team at Hydropump found it very difficult to articulate what the brand is about and what it stands for with their previous service providers.

Our Approach

We started with a series of in-depth discovery sessions, digging deep into Hydropump’s executive team’s thoughts to identify the brand’s desired position. Key attributes of the brand, such as its culture, voice, feeling, impact, and customers, were identified through structured interviews.

Piecing together the information gathered, we crafted a concise brand statement to anchor the creative direction. Hydropump’s brand message and mood boards were created to articulate the new identity concepts and emotions they evoke. A website sitemap was produced to identify information flow for an improved user experience.

Minor but impactful enhancements were made to the brand’s logo to ensure it is well-balanced. Different hues of red and blue were selected as the new corporate colours to breathe vitality into Hydropump’s improved identity and logo.

The Outcome

Our multidisciplinary approach and our unique ability to bridge business and creatives empowered Hydropump to articulate its brand precisely across all touchpoints. The quality of sales leads has improved tremendously, with a shorter sales cycle contributing towards a steady increase in revenue over the past year.

Connecty deployed a new corporate identity system and stationeries, brand message, marketing collaterals, and a responsive website including its contents.

With Connecty's structured process and expertise, our new customers know exactly what Hydropump has to offer. Their incredible ability to translate what I have in mind to position my brand is something I have not experienced with other creative company. Highly recommended! 👍🏻

Ten Lau