Rebranding Sai Kim

Traditional Chinese Herbs & Seafood Retailer

Project Scope

Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Identity System Design, Brand Messaging, Packaging Design, Vehicle Branding

Sai Kim’s humble beginnings started in Sekinchan, Malaysia, 40 years ago as a cottage industry producing dried and fresh seafood.

Since then the company had successfully built its B2B empire in the global supply chain of importing and exporting high-quality traditional Chinese herbs, seafood, and a myriad of other Asian edibles.

Fast forward to today, the company is expanding its reach into retail (D2C & B2C) and aims to be a trusted household name in the traditional Chinese herbs and seafood space.

This strategic business decision requires Sai Kim to rethink its brand positioning, brand architecture, brand identity, and everything in between to ensure its customers a delightful brand experience.

Our Approach

The rebranding process started with a series of in-depth discovery sessions with Sai Kim’s management and marketing team. Mapping out the brand’s architecture, identifying the brand’s attributes, identifying key customer profiles and their journey was among the many activities done in our discovery process.

We synthesized the information acquired and crafted stylescapes to communicate the creative direction to the stakeholders.

New logo concepts were crafted. After several iterations, the team at Sai Kim chose a logo that inspires a modern yet timeless emotion. One that honours the 40-year-old logo and integrates the values of transparency, harmony and wellness.

The visual identity makes use of vibrant colours to express the key brand attribute of happiness. The use of organic shapes and silhouettes instil elements of playfulness and accessibility. All while remaining practical and fits into Sai Kim’s existing production lines.

The Outcome

As a result, Sai Kim’s brand identity was completely revamped with a fresh new look and is instantly differentiated from its competitors.

Its brand message was reinforced in most touchpoints to humanise Sai Kim as a brand that cares for the happiness and wellness of its customers.

Connecty assisted in organising Sai Kim’s brand architecture, customer profiles, customer journey and delivered a new logo, a brand guide, generic packaging designs, generic merchandise designs, and vehicle branding.