Repositioning Newbillion Precision Metal

Precision Components Manufacturer

Project Scope

Messaging & Positioning, Information Structuring, Visual Identity Design, Website Design & Development, Copywriting, Brochure Design

Newbillion Precision Metal reached out to Connecty for assistance in enhancing their brand in order to streamline their solutions to reach the right target audience globally.

The company’s traditional method of doing sales & marketing puts a limit to their ability in acquiring new customers.

They were losing out in today’s connected world without a strong online presence. Existing marketing materials were poor in communicating the company’s manufacturing solutions.

Newbillion seemed to be selling industrial machines rather than engineering solutions.

Our Approach

With 3 weeks to completely overhaul Newbillion’s brand identity for a global tradeshow, Connecty had to put all hands on deck.

Key messages & target audiences were identified by working closely with the client through a series of discussions. Keywords for Search Engine Optimisation were identified. Existing information was recategorised and rewritten for improved information flow.

We were given the flexibility to propose a new visual identity that would complement the new write up and information structure.

The Outcome

Connecty successfully deployed a new brand identity for Newbillion Precision Metal. Core capabilities were grouped into solutions by market sectors to ensure they resonate with Newbillion’s target audiences.

We selected a modern shade of blue for the brand’s accent colour. White and light grey backgrounds were used to achieve a modern, cutting-edge and elegant look & feel.

Our deliverables include a new brand position, concise contents, a responsive website and an A4 marketing brochure.