What is Brand Messaging?

Brand messaging is part of the core components in your branding exercise. It’s the underlying value proposition and the voice of your brand. It’s how you convey your key message, in writing or verbally to your audience to establish unique buying reasons.

Putting it in layman terms

Think about it this way… if your brand is a person, then brand messaging defines how you talk and interact with others. People can generally sense and gauge the type of person you are through their brief engagement with you. If you’re an obnoxious person, it will most certainly reflect in the way you communicate.

It’s the same for brands. The attributes of a brand determine how it communicates with its audience to inspire them, persuade them, motivate them, and ultimately make them want to buy what you’re selling – products or services alike. When a brand can successfully create an emotional bond with its audience, it has the power to create a tribe, a sense of belonging.


Why is it important?

If you own a brand, you will create a lot of contents to engage your audience, and all these contents should reflect the underlying key message your brand wants to convey. On a surface level, these contents are not exactly the same in terms of how it’s written or expressed. It will depend on the medium of communication and goals of those content. For example, the contents of a flyer and a website will have different content, but both need to convey the same underlying key message. This is how a brand messaging framework will tie them together.

How to create a solid brand messaging framework?

The team at Highfive did a great job creating this and I’ll be using this as an example. You can start by filling up each of the sections from the top to bottom. Don’t jump straight into coming up with a sexy slogan for your brand if you don’t have a messaging framework in place – it’ll be like scaling Everest without training.



Brand Messaging plays an integral role in the branding process. Without a framework in place, you will confuse your audience with mixed messages when your brand creates more marketing materials over time. The confusion tends to be magnified if you rely on freelancers to develop your marketing tools and don’t have an in-house or external brand steward like Connecty to assist in keeping your brand aligned.

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