Start Building Your Digital Resiliency

A business website isn’t just a pretty virtual front with a fancy logo. “Do I need a website?” is not even a question. Of course, you need one, it’s a vital business tool!

If you’re not found online, it’s as good as you don’t exist. That’s right – your website is the primary place that potential customers will find you. And, if they can’t find you, well, they’ll buy from someone else.

The internet is a place of opportunity, and you cannot ignore its importance. As people increasingly spend more time on the internet, they are connecting with a wealth of information and content. A well-crafted website is a crucial tool for gaining visibility and a competitive edge.

If you’re still on the fence trying to decide if a well-crafted website is essential to growing your business, then keep sitting on that thought. Take your time… ponder all you want while the entire world and your competitors move ahead to build their digital resiliency.

What’s digital resiliency? You see… a well-crafted and effective business website takes time to build and refine. There’s going to be a lot of trial and error before you get it right. If you’re selling physical products online, how will you fulfil the orders? How much should you charge for logistics? What about international shipping? Payments? Bundle creations? Promos?

You may also need to revise some parts of your business strategy to support your customer’s buying journey. It’s a lot to think about, but if you don’t start somewhere, then there’s no progress. You’ll just be in a state of paralysis, waiting to go extinct like the dinosaurs.

A decade ago, the world was already discussing blockchains, smart contracts, augmented reality and virtual reality. Today, much of the hype revolves around the metaverse, Web 3.0, digital ownerships and everything in between. In fact, many huge corporations are starting to invest a lot of money into building these ecosystems. Based on trends, when the big players are all in, it usually means it’ll materialize soon.

If this condensed piece of my thoughts triggered you to finally take action to invest in something basic to kick things off, you know to start building your digital resiliency… then I have some good news for you.

As part of our initiative to help all the small and micro-businesses out there, we’re launching our Small Business Empowerment Bundle. (we don’t usually do bundles)

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In case you’re wondering what we’re capable of, check out some of our success stories.

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