How We Help Our Client Win At Semicon SEA 2023

It has always been Connecty’s goal to help SMEs in Malaysia (with a soft spot for Penang ❤️ – Penang lang maa…) gain a competitive edge in the global market.

So, when Top Degree (M) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of RGT Berhad, reached out to us for assistance in designing a backdrop for their booth at Semicon SEA 2023, we were more than happy to help.

Anyways, here is some backstory before Connecty was engaged to design the booth backdrop at Semicon SEA 2023…

How it started

In December 2022, we worked closely with Top Degree to position the company as a smart automation solution provider for high-tech industries because it needed a better digital presence and was losing sales leads.

We worked closely with senior management of the company. As a result, we restructured the information flow, revamped its contents (writings and visuals), and designed a new website to express Top Degree’s identity accurately to achieve its desired position in the market.

Because of our depth of understanding of Top Degree’s desired position and key message, we were the ideal agency to work on further streamlining the company’s key message onto the limited 9-panel booth backdrop.

Full backdrop design

We cut off all unnecessary fluff and only focused on information that would help prospects visiting the booth decide if Top Degree is a company that can solve their Industrial Revolution 4.0 challenges.

The backdrop also functions as a visual aid during prospects’ engagements.

As such, we stripped everything down and focused on critical questions prospects may have:

Who is Top Degree?

Top Degree is a company that provides comprehensive industrial automation solutions to boost our client’s manufacturing throughput.

How can Top Degree help me solve my challenges?

Discuss my requirements with Top Degree. They have all the expertise in-house to help me with my challenges. Design – Develop – Fabricate – Assemble – Integrate.

Where can I find out more about Top Degree?

There’s a QR code; I’ll scan it and review it later.

Semicon SEA 2023 at Setia SPICE Convention Centre & Arena, Penang, Malaysia

By combining our strategy, copywriting and design expertise, the entire booth backdrop painted an accurate impression of what prospects can expect from Top Degree.

Top Degree’s Marketing Team is also able to track engagement during the 3 day expo.

As a result, senior management was happy with the design as it clearly articulates what Top Degree is all about and who the company can help.

Left to right: Mr. Daniel Yip (Top Degree – General Manager), Nick Yoon (Brand Strategist – Connecty), Ms. Roxanne Lee (Executive Director – RGT Bhd)

What is Semicon SEA 2023?

SEMICON Southeast Asia is an important exposition for the electronics industry in Southeast Asia. The show connects the decision makers from the industry, demonstrates the most advanced products and brings in the most up-to-date market and technology trends. Bringing solutions to industry challenges that can best be addressed at the event!

Need an effective tradeshow booth design?

Contact us; we’re happy to work closely with you to maximise your online and offline marketing campaign.

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