Connecty Sponsors Solarvest Innovation Lab 2021

It has always been in our DNA to assist businesses, especially small and medium ones to build their brand. It’s one of the main reasons for our existence.

Malaysia has a vast talent pool, and we want to help showcase their brilliant ideas to the world. When we were offered to be one of the sponsors for Solarvest Innovation Lab 2021, we jumped right in.

Joining forces with Solarvest Holdings Bhd to spur innovation in the renewable energy (RE), green tech, and fintech space allows Innovation Lab to offer comprehensive support to all these winning ideas.

Aside from all the business coaching and mentoring offered by the platform, Connecty brings in another dimension of critical business support – Branding.

As the saying goes, no matter how good your products or services are, it doesn’t matter if people don’t understand it. We aim to help the Accelerator Fund winners build a solid foundation from day 0 so that they’ll thrive.

Connecty sponsored the Solarvest Innovation Lab 2021 landing page design & development and will be offering a whopping 40% discount for Brand Messaging Consultation and 20% off all other services.

Have a winning idea to commercialize? Visit Solarvest Innovation Lab 2021‘s website to submit your application.

All the best to the future winners!

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