Branding Dandy Modern Food


All-day Casual Eatery, Rotisserie, Bakery and Café

Connecty had the privilege to build the Dandy Modern Food brand from the ground up. They envisioned the brand to be an advocate for the modern food culture and to create a positive impact in communities around them. The brand’s creative tone needs to be quirky, fun, fresh, and well… “dandy”. Dandy Modern Food wasn’t set up to be just another cafe; it aims to be an exemplary F&B brand domestically and globally.

Project Scope

Identity System Design, Environmental Branding, Merchandise & Packaging Design, Website, Copywriting, Social Media Management

Our Approach

Crafting a strong brand personality for Dandy required us to immerse ourselves in the persona the brand would evoke through a series of thorough research and collaborative meetings with its founders.

Multiple mood boards were created before a key concept was chosen and expanded. Dozens of logos and visual elements were created and then scrapped before our creative process birthed a robust logo, visual identity and key message that accurately represented Dandy.

The custom handwritten logo provokes ideas of elegance and creativity. Pastel green was selected as a primary colour for a soothing sense of freshness and rejuvenation. Together, it perfectly expressed the brand persona.

The Outcome

With a solid creative tone in place, some of our deliverables were the logo, brand guide, name cards, menu design, product photography and website copy. Today, Connecty remains as Dandy’s extended creative partner managing its social media presence as the brand continues to grow.

Efficient, Helpful, Good Value, Clarity - we have worked together on numerous projects over the last 3 years. They always managed to capture the essence of who we are and what we do. Looking forward to continue working with Connecty. No hesitation in recommending Connecty.

Michelle Yeo

General Manager

Dandy Modern Food